Monday, 10 February 2014

Craftroom pictures

Good Morning Everyone. Hope you had a great weekend.
This week over at BBTB2 we are sharing our crafty spaces with you and  how we got into crafting  and a little more about us.
I have always enjoyed crafting, a little of everything.
Whilst I was on maternity leave and my son was a few months old I visited a DIY shop that sold rubber stamps. I had never given them a second glance but there was a card that was 'different'.
It was heat embossed - my new obsession with papercrafting had begun!
This was 12 years ago and my cards were very simple and all my crafty goodies fitted in a small box that I could bring out and use when Ossian was sleeping. Crafting supplies were sparse and really expensive in the UK.
 A few years later I bought my first sizzix die cutting machine - do you remember the red push down handle? I was a paper doll Queen!
Eventually I spotted and stalked the Babybug! The prices here were sooo expensive I never even considered buying it. But I had been a good girl and Father Christmas brought me one ...I was hooked.
A couple of years later I upgraded to the Pink Expression. Now the UK has a great range of craft and the internet has made a huge difference.
I now have my own craftroom....
Slight paper hoarder! lol.
I have the things I use most in the drawers behind me.
I love singing and dancing as I craft - see my ipod?
My cricut carts are on hand and easy to get to.

My worst ever investment - the huge paperweight that is my Imagine!
I have a walk in cupboard where I keep anything for altering, material etc.

Can you see the dog treats? Pan loves to curl up with me when I'm crafting.

Love my Vagabond!
See my amethyst crystal? I love crystals and alternative therapies and am qualified in Indian Head Masssage and Reflexology. I don't have time for these at present between family life, work and golf.
See my folder on the chair?

It holds all my metal dies. Makes it so quick and easy to find what I want.
I like it pretty !
Thank you for visiting my crafty world. We would love to see yours so do come and link a photo up over at BBTB2.
I'll be back to show you the first card I ever made!!



  1. Such a beautiful and well organized space Jayne!! I am in love with your beautiful draw systems and drooling as well. lol My dog always curls up with me in my craft room as well, it's nice to have a sweet little buddy with me. I have the image too but didn't buy it, got it with my reward points. I do like it, but don't like that they never got it working the way it was promised. Thanks for the peek into your crafty room!! Hugs!

  2. I love your space, Jayne! When I lived in England, I scrapbooked and had a hard time finding supplies. Looks like that has improved over the years!

  3. the red sizzix was my first also, I still have it and occasionally still use it, lol, love your room, hugs

  4. I love your space ! I see you love paper also !! What a great way to store it ! I also started and still have the red sizzix machine with the handle !! How amazing how it takes one little thing to start our passion for crafting ! Hope you have a wonderful week !


  5. What an awesome craft room you have, Jayne!! I love all of the storage options you have!! And I'm jealous of your window!! Mine's in the basement with a tiny window!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Love your space and how you keep your metal dies! I know what you mean about the Imagine. I recently sold mine on eBay.

  7. Beautiful Jayne - Thanks for the tour!

  8. I LOVE all your drawers!!! And I LOVE how you use a binder to keep your metal dies in! Great idea! Super fun room!!! Thanks for showing us, Jayne!

    Mollie's Motif

  9. love love all the pictures of your fabulous room! Felt like I was standing right beside you...Karen

  10. So this is where your amazing creations begin! I love how it is organized and all those amazing drawers! It really is a pretty place!

  11. What a spectacular craft room you have, Jayne! I love it and love the way you brought us through. It was such a pleasure to read about your crafty beginning, too! :o) I hope you're having a beautiful day, my friend!

    Hugs and blessings,
    Karen :o)

  12. What a wonderful spot to craft in! Love the big window and all your furniture makes it looks so organized! Fantastic room!

  13. I knew your room would be very neat and orderly. It's a fabulous space .

  14. Your space is so clean and open - wish mine looked like that! And you made me laugh with your expensive paperweight! ~Laura

  15. Love your Craft room, awesome space. I too had all of my metal dies in an album with magnet sheets but I just made myself a new bigshot/cuttlebug station and I moved my magnetic sheets into the inside doors of the cabinet and they are so handy :) come have a look if you have time.

  16. What a wonderful and amazing Crafty Room you have Jayne!! I so love all of the space. The drawers are my favorite. I need some of those!! :)

  17. I'm so glad you shared your space... I've always wanted to know what an amazing crafter like you has in her craft room! It's very organized and neat! I'm sorry your Imagine is a paper weight! I loved mine for the longest time until they stopped updating it and fixing the bugs with the cricut craft room.... It's really sad.... Cuz it was a favorite of mine.... But now I have my Silhouette and its the best thing I ever owned! :o) Thanks for sharing your space! :o)

  18. Love your crafty space Jayne! It looks so clean and uncluttered and I LOVE the window! I'm SO jealous of your drawers to store paper-I have a slight paper hoarding addiction also, lol. Had to laugh over the paperweight (Imagine)! Glad in retrospect I was not able to afford one. In a side note, I have to say Harry Potter world at Universal was absolutely amazing! If English villages really looked like that, I would love to live in one :)

  19. Jayne ~ Oh Thank you for sharing your crafting journey! I LVOE to hear what people started! Look how organized your craft room is! I LOVE it! Well we again are on the same wavelength with organizing and redoing! I am in the process of this ~ still in the planning stages but hopefully some soon! Plus a new blog too! Again thanks for sharing and I LOVED the story about the puppy and so interested in your crystals!